From the recordings 'Personae' and The Collection

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The Legend of the founding of the city of Antwerp in Belgium.
Antwerp translates as ‘hand-throw’.


I am taller than most and richer than some.
They call me a giant, I'm a giant of a man.
I am larger than life and as smart as they come
So why don't you come shake my hand, my hand
Come shake my hand, please won't you come shake my hand.

I loved a lady as fine as could be,
She was the daughter of a lord high and grand.
Well I bought her a diamond and got to my knees
And I asked if she'd give me her hand, her hand
Give me her hand, I asked if she'd give me her hand.

She laughed in my face saying " can this be true?
You've got it all wrong and you misunderstand.
Well I never would wed with a giant like you
And I don't like the touch of your hand, your hand
Touch of your hand, I don't like the touch of your hand."

My poor heart was broken and away I did go
In vengeance I swore to a plan.
That would make her regret she slighted me so
By refusing to accept my hand.

I built my own castle down by the banks
Of the fast flowing river, and I made my demands.
That if all passing sailors would not pay my toll
I'd go and I'd cut off their hands, their hands
Cut off their hands, I'd go and I'd cut off their hands.

The merchants stopped coming and trade ran dry.
The legend I started spread through the land.
So the Lord offered gold to the man who would try and
Put an end to the tribute of hands, of hands
Tribute of hands, an end to the tribute of hands.

So many men tried to catch me at rest
And we fought on the blood soaked sand.
Until a brave  soldier with a knife of the best
He crept up and cut off my hand.

He drew back his arm and threw my hand away
And the Lord gave an order that a city should stand
On the place where it landed, it's still known today.
Antwerp is built on my hand, my hand
Built on my hand, Antwerp is built on my hand.