1. Lusty Smith

From the recordings Hidden People and The Collection

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Seth Lakeman - Violin


A fine young smith at a vice stood filing,
his hammer out and his forge aglow.
When to him a young maid came smiling
and asked if to work in her forge he'd go.
" I will " said the smith and they went together
along to the lady's forge did go.
They stripped to the waist hot work , hot weather
he lit her fire and she made him blow.

Her husband , she said , no work he gave her.
His tools were worn out long ago.
The smith said " Mine are in good order
and I'm prepared my skill to show ".
Hot grew his iron as both desired
and he was wise to strike while so.
She said " what I get is out of the fire
so please strike home and redouble the blow ".

Six times did his iron by vigorous heating
grow soft in her forge in a minute or so.
As oft was hardened still was beating,
it softened more and hardened slow.
When he rose to go she said in sorrow
" I wish my husband could do so.
With your hammer come tomorrow,
but can we try once more before you go ".