From the recordings Hidden People and The Collection

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Andy Jacobs drifted in and settled down into his favourite chair,
he let his mind wander for a while.
She watched his eyes unfocus, seeing things she didn't know were there,
but he caught her eye and broke into a smile.
He said " Cassie love we've decided.
Cassie love, I'm not sure I chose the right side,
but tomorrow I'll be standing on the line ".

Cassie took his hand in hers and said " I've never seen your face look so pale,
It reminds me of the first time we met.
You were standing at the bar and you looked nervous and I thought that you'd be sick,
but we laughed together 'til last orders rang.
You said, ' Cassie love I've decided,
Cassie love, you're the one I want to be with
and soon you'll be standing by my side.
I'll make you my bride in this fine month of April.' "

" For fifteen years I've worked down there and I'm not afraid to leave without a fight,
but I'm sure this'll be over in a week.
From the Cenotaph tomorrow we will march and let them see just how we're feeling.
We'll let them know we're not afraid to strike.
But Cassie love, it might be hard.
Cassie love, we've kids to feed and no money saved,
but at least I'm standing for what I believe in."

Cassie took his hand in hers and said, " I'll stand beside you all the way,
just promise me you won't cause any trouble."
As the month got underway Andy started coming home much less,
the kids almost forgot what he looked like.
" Cassie love, I thought you understood.
Cassie love, we're fighting for our way of life
And I have to help the lads out on the line.
They'll not make me a fool in this fine month of April."

Just to raise a little cash Andy went back to the only thing he knew,
illegal but he saw no other way.
Digging coal from the banks of the train-tracks and selling it on,
digging in the dark so no-one saw.
" Cassie love, I've let you down.
Cassie love, this hasn't gone the way I planned,
I never thought that I'd be living off the land."

Then one evening he went down to find some kids had set the signal box alight ,
he watched as it was razed to the ground.
But the seam below caught fire and Andy's coal burned just out of sight.
He hid and watched the flames grow higher.
" Cassie love, the smoke kept rising.
Cassie love, it was like watching my hopes and fears,
I'm afraid I won't re-build them for many years.
Maybe I'm a fool in this fine month of April.
Maybe I'm a fool to put you all through this.
Perhaps I should have listened to my conscience,
maybe I'm a fool,
maybe I'm a fool. "