From the recordings Hidden People and The Collection

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Stu Hannah - Vocals
Ben Nicholls - Bass


The sun was high as they wandered down to the fair,
the village was gathering by.
The girls over one side, waiting for young men to dare,
waiting for someone to try.
When he asked her to dance as the music began
with his hands at her waist , he held her and
span by the light from the trees in the square
to music that no-one else heard .
She whispered to him " it feels like I'm dancing on air
and I float with the grace of a bird ".
Well she remembers that glorious day
when he leant in close to gently say,

" I can't offer you money or jewels ,
I can't house you in mansion or hall.
I have nothing , nothing to give you except my love . "

They walked out for a year and wed at the turning of spring
with May blossom crowning the trees.
The boredom took hold as she waited for life to begin,
he left her to do as she pleased.
Behind closed doors as she lay on her bed
he leant in close and gently said,

So he stole from family and friends .
He stole from the church, though he always intended
to pay what was owed after pleasing his wife.
Nothing he did was ever enough.

When they came to the door, to take him away.
He leant in close to gently say,

" I have given you money and jewels ,
I provided with all you desired.
You have taken all I could give you
except my love. "