1. Oxford, N.Y

From the recordings Hidden People and The Collection

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Iain Goodall - Drums


Mother, don't turn out the light
please don't leave me here alone.
To face the horrors of the night
you know I can't sleep on my own.
He was known throughout the town.
Every night as evening fell
he turned and wept against the wall.
With every breath he begged them.

Please don't lay me six feet down,
let me see the sky and stars.
Lay me in a coffin made of glass.

Mother, don't block out the sun,
please don't lay me under stone .
Let me see the morning come
you know I can't sleep all alone.

Years passed by he lay there still ,
until they cleared his bones away.
His voice was carried on the wind
searching for his body.

oh Mother, lay my bones to rest.
Lay me down and leave me here
in the town that I love best,
you know I can't sleep without fear .