1. Huldra

From the recordings Hidden People and The Collection

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Cara Dillon - Vocals
Caroline Herring - Vocals
Greta Bondesson - Vocals
Sadie Lobb - Vocals


One girl likes to dress in red
with ribbons in her hair.
She dances like a summer breeze
as light as morning air.
The other likes to dress in white
and run so speedily,
and sing so sweetly she can charm
the birds down from the trees.

One girl likes to catch your eye
and quickly look away,
she teases with a gentle smile
and holds you in her sway.
The other likes to take your hand
and lead you through the night,
and lay you down upon a bed
of purest blossom white.

Never stray far from home
Never stray far from home

Fall prey to seduction and
satisfy them well.
They'll entice you every night
until you break the spell.
Loveliness will face you
but they'll never let you see,
from behind each girl's a hollow trunk
a blackened, rotting tree.

The red girl will pluck out your eyes
and wear them as her own.
She will make you beg and cry
and wish you stayed at home.
The white girl will cut out your tongue
and sing a tune so fine,
they have lured many men
and left them mute and blind.

Never take a glass of wine
with these sisters two.
They'll tear apart your body
'til there's nothing left of you.
The red girl will drain your blood
to dye her dresses in.
The white girl will carve your bones
and wear your teeth and skin.