1. Rusalka
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A tale of a Russian river-dwelling mermaid.


Do you find me beautiful, do you think I'm fair
Can you see the river weeds that tangle through my hair
Do you like my green eyes, can you see them shine
Linger by my riverside and I will make you mine

Come to me, come to me come and keep me company
One more step and you'll be free
Come, come to me

In this month of roses, underneath dark skies
If you listen closely you will hear my hunting cries
You must catch some fish to feed your daughters, wives and sons
I must catch myself a man to feed my little ones

Come to me, come to me, come and keep me company
Take my hand and you will see
Come, come to me

Underneath the birch trees, in this lonely place
Wear ferns for your protection or drown in my embrace
If you should avenge me, if my hair should dry
If I should be caught away from water I would die

But til then I'll wander, catching when I can
I must let my children feast upon the bones of man

Come to me, come to me, come and keep me company
From the river to the sea, come, come to me