A Protest song which questions our political masters’ overweening pride, and whether the holders of power rely on the turning of the days, months and years to soften the blows of their own ambition?


No-one is safe, no-one is secure
No-one is certain, no-one is sure
The men at the top tell us everything's fine
And tomorrow will follow today
Out with the old ways and in with the new
Let's give our teachers so much more to do
Then we'll sit back and force them to strike for their pay
‘Cos tomorrow will follow today.

We'll increase your cages and lengthen your chains
Tell you it's different while it stays the same
Lower your wages and give you the blame
‘Cos’ tomorrow will follow today.

We'll sell off the railways, banks and the post
we'll sell to our colleagues who'll pay out the most
And we'll see if the country will rise and complain
‘Cos tomorrow will follow today
Winter is hard for young and for old
The choice you face is to eat or be cold
Our friends have decided their prices they'll raise
And tomorrow will follow today

We'll get together and drink to your health
As the country gets poorer and we grow in wealth
We'll tell you to work hard, there's no time for play
‘Cos tomorrow will follow today
We'll take away hope, we'll take away choice
We'll silence the champions of those with no voice
For we are the hunters and you are our prey
And tomorrow will follow today.