1. 52 Hertz
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Written about the discovery of a mysterious whale that sings in the ‘wrong key’ at a frequency of 52 Hertz. This is much lower than other whales and experts believe that it roams lonely-hearted around the oceans.


I've been roaming the ocean, singing my song
It seems I've been singing it in the wrong key.
My voice is too high, the verses too short,
None of my kind seem to know about me
I might be a Fin whale or maybe a Blue
Perhaps I'm invisible under the sea
Swim from Alaska down to the Bay
But none of my kind seem to know about me.

52 Hertz, 52 Hertz, and it hurts me for 52 weeks of the year.
52 Hertz, 52 Hertz, I'm singing a love song that no-one can hear.

For twenty long years I've haunted these waters
Following upwellings, wandering free
Singing for hours to find my companions
None of my kind seem to know about me.

I cross the Pacific, calling and calling
And if there are answers perhaps I don't hear them
But I'll keep searching though I reached the conclusion

I might be the last, I'm lost and I'm lonely
All of my family gone from the sea
Pulled up the slipway before I could find them
None of my kind seem to know about me.