From the recording Almost A Sunset

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Fear not the mountain that rises before you
Fear not the path that is dark and overgrown
Fear not the sunset that brings the day to ending
For it will guide you home

Don’t be afraid of the path that awaits
Or for the ones you leave behind
Don’t be afraid as you take the steps to freedom
And you walk that road in your own time

There’ll be no fear as the sun ascends the heavens
Or the night begins her reign
There’ll be no fear as the seasons keep on turning
You’ll be safe and feel no pain

You will return to the youth of creation
Sail the seas that never end
You will find rest at close of the journey
You’ll find peace in the arms of friends

I will find you in the roots and the branches
And the rhythm of my heart
You will be waiting to greet me when it’s my turn
And hold me close in loving arms