From the recording Tomorrow Will Follow Today

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Being far away from a loved one - hoping they are missing you too.


Soft the morning sun, floating in
Drifts across my skin and it moves the shadows on
Brings the day, burns the night away.
Sweet the song at dawn, ends the tears
Brings a sea of calm and the fears of night belong
To yesterday as I watch and wait

And I wonder what this year will bring for us
As I look for the promise of spring
Valentine's Day seems a lifetime to wait

Til your home and in my bed
We'll close the door on the cruel world
You'll be mine for those few days
As you wait to be called away

And who knows what tomorrow will bring for us
As we wait for the coming of spring
The seasons go round, the same reason are found to fight on

Never marry a brave man
A man who is lost to a cause
Each night on your own will seem like a week
As you wait for the knock at the door.

I wait for news each night
Hoping just to see your face
And to know you're still alright
You are mine and I miss you

But I know you'll be thinking about me though you're on the
Far side of the world
The same moon rises, the same sun sets on us all.