From the recording Tomorrow Will Follow Today

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Trad.Arr. Roberts/Lakeman
Learnt from the singing of Derek and Dorothy Elliott.


Go bring to me your dowry love
And some of your fathers gold besides
That you may ride along with me
And be made next day my lovely bride

She took the dowry, she took the gold
The appointed night came very soon
And away she's gone to the trysting tree
By the pale light of the rising moon

She's come in first to the trysting tree
Said “In the leaves above I'll hide
To surprise my love so that when he comes
He will wonder where is my lovely bride"

She waited a while as she sat hid
She saw two men below her feet
Her love she saw in the pale moonlight
As he dug a grave below the tree

They waited a while but she never stirred
And at last they left their dreadful plan
And when they both had safely gone
She slipped from the tree and home she ran

A week went by, her love she met
At a neighbours house to pass the time
The lads and girls they jest and played
And asked each other riddles and rhymes.

Her false love whispered “Where were you love
The night I waited in vain for you?"
"I'll answer that" this girl replied
"If you'll answer me this puzzle true"

One moonlit night as I lay hid
I looked for one but two came there
The boughs did bend and the leaves did shake
For to see the hole the fox did make

His colour changed and up he rose
He saw his treachery made so plain
Out of the doors into the night
Never seen in those parts again.