1. Down, Dog!

From the recording Tomorrow Will Follow Today

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Every dog has their day. The most notable political intentions can fall foul of corruption, time and time again.


The young boy dreamt of making a difference
Of being a leader of men
Guiding the housesĀ of power
Making a change with the stroke of his pen.
He fulfilled all expectation
With the best education money can buy.
Climbing the rungs of the ladder
Stepping on fingers and pushing aside

Oh, what did they say?
Oh, did they lead you astray?

The dog dreams of biting the master
To choke down the fingers that keep him alive.
Down, dog! back where you came from
Do as you're told if you want to survive.

Where are the noble intentions?
Where is the man of his word?
Where is the young man who planned on singing the anthems
Of those who aren't heard
Were is the unbroken promise?
Where is the moment of truth?
Were is the man who was honest?

The man thinks he's making a difference
He thinks he's a leader of men
Guiding the people of power
Changing the world with stroke of his pen