1. 'Pew Tor'
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When we finally ceased our talking
We listened to the silence that is not true
It’s the silence of the water and earth
And in that moment I felt your worth
It’s the silence of birds and the breath of the air
And in that moment I felt you there
It was louder than our words ever were
So we listened

I often wonder where you ended up
If you settled on my skin
If you ever became part of me
And if I breathed you in
If you retained knowledge of who you once were
If you know me as your kin
Swirling in your own galaxy
Drifting on the wind

Life is but vapour and bodies just clay
The pleasures of youth are like blossoms in May
Let me live well though I live for one day
Oh how I wish, but wishing’s in vain

If I could fix my flaws with gold
Like a broken Japanese bowl
I’d have all my battle scars on show
For all the world to see and know
And I’d show them to everyone who asked
And wear them with pride like a map of my past
Beauty can still be seen through the cracks
If we’re looking