COVID Performance Risk Assessment 2021 


Company : Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman 

Venue : Touring Production / multiple venues

Completed by :  Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman - 

Date assessed : 9/9/21 

Note : both Artists are  double vaccinated for covid19 and possess a valid nhs covid  event and travel pass. they are a married couple and are therefore from a single household covid bubble.  Both artists will undertake covid19 lateral flow tests on the morning of each performance.

1 : Travel to and from venue 

ACTION - Performers will wear appropriate PPE en-route from accommodation to the performance venue. Performers will sanitise hands after contacts. 

2 : Contact with promoters 

ACTION - Artists will sanitise hands upon arrival at the venue. Artists will wear appropriate PPE at all times apart from set-up, soundcheck and performance. Social distancing shall be adhered to in-line with current Government advice. 

3 : Access to venue for Artist 

ACTION - Prior communication with promoter to ensure agreement of safety measures. Promoter to restrict all other access to stage and backstage  to ensure Artist has an undisturbed space to set up. 

4 : In the event of Illness 

ACTION - Artists to communicate ASAP with promoter and notify ‘Test and Trace’ immediately. 

5 : Get in and Set Up 

ACTION - All equipment to be sanitised by Artists prior to arrival at venue. All performance items to be handled by Artists ONLY. Promoter to set up Audience seating / area - suggest minimum 2 metres away from performance area. 

6 : Audience attending performance 

ACTION - All audience members to wear face coverings or appropriate PPE in line with current government advice. Audience members to sanitise hands before entering or on entrance of the venue. 

7 : Artist in performance 

ACTION - Audience members are able to go to the toilet through performance to avoid queues. Sanitiser to be made available in toilets. 

8 : Audience exiting the venue 

ACTION - Audience to leave the venue in an orderly fashion as soon as the performance ends keeping a suitable distance apart at all times. 

9 : Get out 

ACTION - All appropriate performance equipment to be cleaned after audience have left. Artists to strike and pack all equipment themselves. 

10 : Regular hand sanitising will be undertaken by the artists throughout the period of occupation of the performance venue. 

Signed : 

Kathryn Roberts 

Sean Lakeman