COVID Performance Risk Assessment 2020 


Company : Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman 

Venue : Touring Production 

Completed by :  Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman - 

Date assessed : 29/10/20 

Note : Artists are a married couple and are therefore from a single household cover bubble. 

1 : Travel to and from venue 

ACTION - Performers will wear appropriate PPE to pay for fuel. Performers will sanitise hands after contact at fuel station. Artists will provide own food and drink. 

2 : Contact with promoters 

ACTION - Artists will sanitise hands upon arrival at the venue. Artists will wear appropriate PPE at all times apart from soundcheck and performance. Social distancing shall be adhered to inline with Govt advice. 

3 : Access to venue for Artist 

ACTION - Prior communication with promoter to ensure agreement of safety measures. Promoter to restrict all other access to site to ensure Artist has an undisturbed space to set up. 

4 : In the event of Illness 

ACTION - Artists to communicate ASAP with promoter and notify ‘Test and Trace’ immediately. 

5 : Get in and Set Up 

ACTION - All equipment to be sanitised by Artists prior to arrival at venue. All performance items to be handled by Artists ONLY. Promoter to set up Audience seating / area - minimum 2 metres away from performance area. 

6 : Audience attending performance 

ACTION - Artists to keep at least 2 metres away from audience members at all times. All audience members to wear face coverings or appropriate PPE. Audience members to sanitise hands before entering or on entrance of the venue. 

7 : Artist in performance 

ACTION - Audience members are able to go to the toilet through performance to avoid queues. Sanitiser to be made available in toilets. 

8 : Audience exiting the venue 

ACTION - Audience to leave the venue in an orderly fashion as soon as the performance ends keeping 2 metres apart at all times. 

9 : Get out 

ACTION - All appropriate performance equipment to be disinfected after audience have left. Artists to strike and pack all equipment themselves. 

10 : Regular hand sanitising will be undertaken by the artists throughout the period of occupation of the performance venue. 

Signed : 

Kathryn Roberts 

Sean Lakeman